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Carpet & Floor Cleaning

CARPET- What is the difference between ECO Advantage and other carpet cleaning companies?

1) Quality – Almost all carpet cleaning services pay their technicians on how much carpet they clean in a day, and how many “add-ons” they sell. For you, this means the carpet is cleaned very quickly, usually skipping vital steps such as vacuuming, pre-spray, adequate dwell time for the chemical, and multiple extractions passes to be sure all soil is removed. In addition, you will likely receive a sales pitch for items you may not even need, or are significantly overpriced.

2) Chemistry – Most franchise organizations are required to use a particular brand or line of chemicals, many times privately labeled for their company. They may be good chemicals, however, this limits the ability to use different brands or types of chemicals that may have a better formulation. ECO Advantage works with multiple lines of chemical manufacturers to ensure each product we use is the absolute best. With our main line of chemicals, DSC Products, we communicate directly with the chemist to ensure we use the right product in the right application.

3) Equipment- Every household or business will have a different kind of flooring, and this usually requires different machines and equipment. Ranging from carpet, tiles, and cement, we have the right equipment to properly and efficiently clean it.

3) Local Community Support – Franchise fees and marketing fees can be as high as 15% of the company sales. This money goes directly to the national corporate office. At ECO Advantage, use local and Michigan-based companies whenever possible, and our company sales stay in our Michiana area. We also support our local area by giving back to those in need.

Of course, besides carpet, there is plenty of other floorings that need proper cleaning, and that includes tile and grout. Not only do we have the proper tools and machines to get down into that grout and get all dirt and discoloration, but our restoring process also cleans the tile.

Oftentimes, especially in company buildings, when the cleaners mop the tile floors it slops the dirt and water from the mop onto the first 3 to 5 inches of the wall. We are able to get not only the dirt from the tile floor but also the dirt on the lower part of the wall.

Cement & Concrete Cleaning

In addition to carpets and tiles, we also restore cement, or concrete. For this process we use an acid based cleaner, thoroughly scrub the chemical into the cement, and then use our machine to properly clean and restore it. Below are some pictures from our most recent cement restoring job, please note, we are not certified pool cleaners.

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